Club Registration

Holdens from 1948-1980

Club registration is available to eligible vehicles where at least 25 years have elapsed since 1 January of the year that they are manufactured.

Once on the scheme you are able to drive your vehicle for up to 90 days per registration year, i.e. when the registration starts and expires for the car. This will also require a club issued log book that needs to be filled in.

See the guide page for how to get your vehicle on club registration with us. Get Club Rego With Us

TOP TIP! If you have bought your car from someone else, don’t transfer it in to your name straight away. If you put it straight on to Club Rego you won’t have to pay stamp duty! Be aware though that late fees may apply if more than 14 days elapse between purchase and registration!


Want to know more?

If you’re not sure whether your vehicle is eligible or you want more information, your best bet is to come along to a club meeting or run, and have a chat to one of the committee members or club registration officers.

You can also download the Club Registration Code of Practice to find out your obligations under the scheme.

Further information can be found on the FAQ page of the FHMCSA website:

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