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Holdens from 1948-1980

Heading back Home!

Meetings will return to our home on Port Road Croydon as of the July meeting.

New meeting location from January 2023

From January 2023 we will be meeting at Fawk Reserve Hall. 171B Hanson Road, ATHOL PARK SA 5012 We will be here until the new clubrooms at Port Road are built.



Change of date for second Renewal day 2021

We had to change the date for the second renewal day, as it was already booked out at the club rooms. The new date is Wednesday May 26 2021 at the same time.

Current Events page is gone.

The current events page has been deleted. The calendar provides a better way of showing upcoming events and associated information and includes a countdown to when the event is being held, meaning you can see at a glance how may days there are to go.

Fair Weather Run 30/08/2020

Good thing I didn’t call it the good weather run as the weather was only fair. Still had an excellent turnout for a cold day that had a few showers and even fog at the lookout at Eagle on the Hill. Plenty of space to park at Meadows as well as lunch options, with most…
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Meetings are back!

See the calendar for the details about the return of meetings. Conditions will stay as per the August meeting until we are told otherwise with club rego happenings beginning in September.

Another quickfire run this Saturday

Yes it’s short notice, but given the time of year it’s hard to plan ahead and expect the weather to be good. Meet at the Officeworks/Godfreys carpark at 9:30am for a 10am departure. If you are there early enough you can check out the progress on the clubroom carpark. Heading straight up the freeway to…
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Not long to go…

Less than 2 weeks to go until the end of the membership year! Come the first of July members who haven’t renewed won’t be able to drive their cars legally. Same goes for members (Life included) who have renewed, but haven’t submitted their logbooks for updating. Anyone caught driving without a current logbook faces a…
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New banner for the club

Mail call

Our new banner arrived today. Now we just need a club display or 5 to show it off.